Connections of Helensburgh Ham saw their horse put in another sound effort and was in front for 1249 m of the 1250 meter event at Canterbury today.

The horse was inclined to race with the mouth open, as Jake Pracey Holmes sat the runner on the fence from a positive barrier, to lead the field into the straight, the well supported Fabry was prominent, but was dying on its run.

As they straighten for home Helensburgh Ham kicked a length and a half in front of runners, with many chances encroaching in the concluding stages across the track, but it was Coolcraft the victor, sticking the bib out on the line to claim the prize, with a small margin in advance to Radical Impact with an even shorter margin back to the gallant Helensburgh Ham in third.


4yo Bay Gelding
D.O.B: 09-Nov-2012
5x Pedigree Report

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